Chicken galantine with vegetable mousseline


Whole chicken around 1.5 kg deboned and opened widely

2 egg whites

120ml vegetable milk cream

blanched vegetables: green beans, carrot strips, peas, florets of a ¼ of cauliflower

A chicken broth prepared with the chicken carcass and vegetables

Salt, white ground pepper and nutmeg


Take the deboned, opened chicken and cut away all the excess, uneven meat parts. Pass the meat cut offs through mincer, together with the egg whites and cream, leave this mixture to rest in the fridge, until it has a consistency of fine and homogeneous mousseline, season with salt and pepper and a little nutmeg.


Season the deboned and open chicken with salt and pepper and spread the mousseline over it with the help of a spatula, top with cooked vegetables, arranging them in a way so that the colors interchange.

Roll it into a log, like a Swiss roll, tie it with a kitchen cord. Once tied you can cook it in the chicken broth or roast it in the oven.


Once cooked let it cool down a bit and cut it into slices. You can serve it cold with a tartar sauce or hot with a chicken or vegetable sauce. You can also simply serve it cold as a sausage.


You could make the stuffing with lobster and get a very succulent sea and mountains dish


Chicken is a white meat with a low fat content like rabbit and turkey. The leanest part is the breast while the thigh and wings are the fattest, this fat is stuck under the skin, which is why it is recommended to remove the skin whenever possible. The oil that comes out when roasting chicken is exactly this melted fat, which solidifies at room temperature. Like with all meats you should go for the highest quality you can afford

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