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San Julia de Loria, Andorra (Pyrenees)

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International University of Andorra (Universitat d’Andorra) is the only state University in Andorra that was founded in 1997. The University is a member of European University Association. The amount of students doesn’t overcome the amount of 500. The University prepares bachelors of medicine, computer science, business administration and education, there are also  courses of higher professional education.  The University includes two higher schools: the School of Nurses and the School of Computer Science.

A specific geographical position of the country and a relatively small amount of students doesn’t allow the University of Andorra to work with full-fledged academic programs. In the result, the University works mostly as the center of remote higher education, assuring the communication with the universities of France and Spain. The center of remote education (Centre d’Estudis Virtuals) of the University has about 20 programs for both bachelor’s degree and for masters in the sphere of tourism, law, Catalan language and philology, liberal arts, psychology, political sciences and telecommunications. The Center also offers different programs for additional education and professional retraining.


The University of Andorra must strengthen the full use of Catalan in all its areas of activity, scholastic and non-scholastic, and it must dedicate special attention to the study and the promotion of the country’s culture. Therefore, the official language is Catalan. Other languages may also be used as a vehicle of instruction. The University of Andorra also encourages multilingualism, especially the knowledge of the English language.


The University of Andorra as an institution is committed to environmental conservation through the ethics of environmental solidarity with all the peoples of the world, which promotes conservation and biodiversity.

The volunteers of the UdA Solidària Committee also work to promote the university’s social, solidary, and cooperative functions, through awareness-raising tasks.


Within the framework of the General Plan for Research and Innovation at the University of Andorra, various teams develop research projects in fields such as education, health services, financial economics, or languages.

The University of Andorra also frequently organises scientific conferences with participants who come from all over the world.

International Relations

In order for you to have every opportunity, openness to the world is a priority at the University of Andorra. Currently, it is part of the Xarxa Vives, a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU), a member of the European University Association (EUA), and a member of the Francophone University Association (FUA). Additionally, it has signed collaboration agreements with different universities all over the world.

European University

The University of Andorra has adapted all of its university studies to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The credit hours of the different degrees are counted in European credits, with an equivalency of 180 European credits for the bachelor degrees and 120 credits for the master degrees. All national university diplomas are accompanied by the European Diploma Supplement.


The quality assurance is one of the main assets that the University of Andorra offers. According to independent evaluations carried out by the Quality Board of the University of Andorra through individual, anonymous surveys, our students rate the quality of the faculty and the courses very highly.


Some syllabus take into account the possibility of doing a training internship at an institution or business. The training internship is an integral part of the syllabus and its objective is to bring the student into the working world. During their education, students also have the option to study subjects at another university.

11 “PROS” for the University of Andorra

1. The University of Andorra was established in 1997. Today, the University of Andorra is part of the Vives system, which unites universities in all regions where Catalan is the main language – Catalonia, Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands, southern France, Andorra and Sardinia (Italy). There are 21 universities. Teaching at the university from the third year of undergraduate studies is also conducted in English.

2. The University of Andorra is part of the Association of European Universities (EUA, European University Association), which includes 850 members from 47 countries. This is one of the largest and most influential organizations that oversees the activities of European universities. And, finally, the university is a member of the IAU (International Association of Universities) – this association was established in 1950 under the auspices of UNESCO and today is represented in 120 countries.

3. The University of Andorra is actively working within the framework of the European program POCTEFA (Program of territorial cooperation of Spain, France and Andorra). POCTEFA 2014-2020 – a program of cooperation that contributes to the development of these bordering territories, as well as their economic and social integration. The University of Andorra cooperates with the universities of Toulouse, Perpignan, Montpellier, Pau, Barcelona, Lleida, Zaragoza and higher educational institutions of the Basque community (Spain).

4. The University of Andorra has 4 groups that are engaged in scientific research in areas such as education, health, philology and economics.

5. Three centers have been established at the University of Andorra: the Center for Informatics and Business Administration, the Higher School of Nurses and Midwifery and the Virtual Learning Center. The first cycle of training is called the Baccalaureate “Bätxelor” (3 years of study). Within the framework of this cycle, students are offered the opportunity to study subjects such as business administration, communication, law, humanities (philosophy, history, art), computer science, Catalan, as well as nursing and midwifery courses. The second cycle of study – a master’s degree – lasts 2 years: within the framework of this course you can get an MBA and a diploma in the specialty “Electronic Engineering”. There is also a doctoral program (3 years of additional education).

6. Since the last academic year, students have been offered a new master’s course – cultural tourism. In the framework of training, specialists are cooperating with the University of Perpignan, the University “Paris VI” and the University of the Balearic Islands. The project allows students of the University of Andorra to receive three diplomas from three states: Andorra, Spain and France.

7. Among the innovations is also the creation of a new faculty for training commercial pilots. Andorra is close to two of the largest European airports – Toulouse and Barcelona. The proximity to Toulouse (Airbus headquarters) – the aviation center of France and Europe – makes Andorra an ideal place to study this profession.

8. In recent years, there has also been a course on Portuguese language and culture, which was organized with the assistance of the Portuguese Institute of Camões.

9. A course in international financial planning has also recently been offered, as well as an advanced training course for lawyers specializing in inheritance law.

10. The cost of one year of study at the university depends on the chosen discipline, but on average is about 1,700 €, which is significantly less than in other countries of Western Europe.

11. A diploma from the University of Andorra is recognised by other countries of the European Union because Andorra is part of a unified European system of higher education. The level of education at the University of Andorra is an exact equivalent to the level of education in the universities of other European countries. For example, if an Andorran student received a bachelor’s degree, he can continue his education at any university in within the 48 European countries.

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