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Lleida and its sights

Lleida (cat. Lleida, sp. Lérida) is a city in western Catalonia, the capital of the Segrià region (cat. comarca) and the Ponet vegueria, head of the judicial district and the seat of the Diocese of Lleida.

Its extensive municipal district, the largest and most populated in the comarca, is formed by the city, the decentralized municipal …

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Lleida: history

The history of Lleida (sp. Lérida) has evolved around the hill of la Seu, since it has always been the place where the representative infrastructures of the social control power have been located: the Andalusian fortress (La Suda) and the mosque, and later the cathedral (La Seu Vella). The hill was, moreover, a good defense place …


Bassella Moto Museum is recognized as one of the best motorcycle museums in Europe and it has become an icon for all motorsport fans, says the museum director, Cristina Soler

The Bassella Motorcycle Museum is recognized as one of the best motorcycle museums in Europe, and it is an obligatory stop on the route to Andorra. The museum director, Cristina Soler, tells about the museum’s main exhibits, its history and why this tourist spot is a must-visit:

“The Bassella Motorcycle Museum gives continuity to the …