The Government of Andorra announces a new issue of coins commemorative and collectible


This Wednesday the Minister of Finance and Spokesman of Andorra (Pyrenees), Eric Jover, has presented a new issue of commemorative and collector coins: one of them is dedicated to the ten years since the entry into force of the Monetary Agreement between Andorra and the European Union. The circulation will be 70,000 copies.

The other two-euro coin has an engraving dedicated to the legend of Charlemagne, and the circulation will be 70,000 copies.

In addition, the head of Finance has explained that two coins will also be minted collectible with a face value of 1.25 euros and with engravings of Saint John of Caselles or a squirrel. In this case, the material used is copper nickel. The circulation will be 3,000 copies.

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