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A conference “Euro banknotes: verifying authenticity and detecting counterfeits” will take place on December 18th

The conference will take place on December 18, at 9.30, at the Chamber of Commerce of Andorra. It will be held by representatives of the Judicial Police and Criminal Investigation Area, such as the National Central Office (OCN), in accordance with the provisions of the Law 17/2013.

This Law is dedicated on the introduction of euro …

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Andorra issued its own new coins on January 8, 2015

Andorra issued its own new coins on 8th January, 2015. Notably, 2 500 purchase orders were registered on the official web-page of the Government of Andorra only two days after the start of allotment. It was possible to purchase the coins at par (3.88 euros per coin) on the official web-page of the Government. Only citizens …

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Coin collecting: Andorra money. Euro

Andorra money: characteristics of the Euro coins

Coin collecting

The characteristics of a coin “2 euros”

* Nominal value: 2 Euro
* Outside composition: copper-Nickel
* Inside composition: Nickel-brass
* Weight: 8,50 g
* The diameter: 25.75 mm
* Edge: engraving “2” repeated 6 times and is oriented alternately upwards and downwards
* Mint date: 2014
* Issue volume: 500,000 pieces
* …

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Currency of Andorra. EURO – Andorran money

Currency of Andorra. EURO – andorran money

Andorra is the only country of Europe which uses EURO as its official currency without formal agreement with EU. Andorra never had its own currency. Previously before the introduction of new currency Andorra used French franc and Spanish peseta.

In 2013 as a result of negotiations with European Union Andorra received …