The Collegiate Church of Saint-Paul (fr. Collégiale Saint-Paul de Clermont-l’Hérault) is a Catholic church located in Clermont-l’Hérault, Hérault department, France, Occitania (foothills of the Massif Central).

It has a beautiful interior, as well as aisles, something rare in southern Gothic. It has a large rose on the front.

The collegiate church has five bells:

  • The first bell, which weighs almost 2 tonnes and was melted in 1861 by Burdin Aîné, gives the grade Do3.

  • The second bell was melted in 1869 by Jacob Holtzer. It gives the note Mi3.

  • The third bell was melted in 1869 by Jacob Holtzer. It gives the note Sol3.
  • The fourth was melted in 2005 by Joseph Granier. It gives the note C4.

  • The fifth, which is located on a tower on the exterior facade, dates from the fifteenth century and rings by tinkling for the clock.

The church is the subject of a classification as historic monument by the list of 1840.

How to get to?

From Paris: 7 hr 17 min (718 km) via A71 and A75

From Toulouse: 2 hr 18 min (225 km) via A61

From Andorra: 4 hr 7 min (351 km) via A61

From Barcelona: 3 hr 31 min (332 km) via AP-7 and A9

From Madrid: 9 hr 8 min (931 km) via A-2

From Monaco: 4 hr 13 min (390 km) via A8

From Moscow: 35 hr (3,315 km) via E30/M1

From Belgrade: 17 hr 20 min (1,694 km) via E70

From Istanbul: 27 hr (2,643 km) via E70

From Bern: 6 hr 35 min (648 km) via A1

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Coordinates: 43° 37′ 37″ N, 3° 25′ 51″ E

Clermont-l’Hérault (fr. Clermont-l’Hérault,Occitan: Clarmont d’Erau) is a commune in the Hérault department in southern France.

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