Temporary assistance in Andorra ends with a deadline of 31st December given the persistence of the health emergency situation

Phase four of exceptional measures to alleviate the situation caused by COVID-19 in Andorra (Pyrenees) continues to support the economic and social fabric of the country – especially those companies that had their activities compulsorily closed and those most affected by the decreed measures.

The new bill of Andorra provides for temporary assistance starting on 1st July and ending with a deadline of 31st December given the persistence of the health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic and its consequences on Andorra’s economic activity.

The text again regulates measures and mechanisms in labour matters, tax, CASS social security, loans, leases and bank credit instruments. Specifically, in the case of Temporary Suspensions of the Employment Contract (STCT) and Reductions in Working Hours (RJL), the Bill states that only companies that have their main activity suspended or which are substantially impacted in the normal development of their activity – such as significant time limitations, significantly reduced capacity or limited international mobility – will be able to join.

The benefit is maintained for Self-employed worker linked to two cases: that the person’s main activity has been compulsorily suspended by Government decree; or that it justifies a significant decrease in turnover, in relation to all its activities in the event that the applicant carries out more than one activity on its own account.

Tenants of commercial premises and housing management companies for tourist use can request the discounts, the deadline to apply has been extended to July 31st.

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