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The National Automobile Museum hosts the ‘Legends in miniature’ collection with replicas of Ferrari in 1:18 scale

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The Minister of Culture and Sports, Sílvia Riva, visited this Friday the new temporary exhibition at the National Automobile Museum. The collection is made up of 80 miniatures on a 1:18 scale from Ferrari, that review the most emblematic models of the Italian manufacturer, from the most prestigious racing vehicles to the …

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Summer nights at the museums

Tuesday, 20th August at 21h at the Church of Santa Eulalia, Encamp. Visit Santa Eulàlia and the Sacred Art Museum in which we will discover details that often go unnoticed, and all this accompanied by live music!

Wednesday, 21st August at 19h around Santa Coloma. (Prior booking, ticket sales and more information at the Tourist Office …

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Summer nights in the museums of Andorra

Tuesday, 2nd July at 21h at the historic site of Les Bons, Encamp (Prior booking obligatory on tel. (+376) 833 551). A guided visit to the nucleus of Les Bons and to the historical complex. The visit will end with live music in the interior of Sant Romà de les Bons. The historical group of …


Creativity is priceless and it is what gives us the means to live outside these walls, says Judith Moran, owner of the French private museum of mechanical dolls

The museum of mechanical dolls in Limoux (France) is a unique place that will undoubtedly be interesting to visit for both children and adults. It is a private museum created by Martine Morand and Jean-Jaques Achache and inherited by their daughter, Judit Morand. asked its owner about the history of the place and its …

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The Museum of Machine Dolls (le musée des Automates): a laboratory of magic

The Museum of Machine Dolls (le musée des Automates): a laboratory of magic. Limoux, France.

“We are glad to welcome you in the secret realm of magic, where our characters come to life …”, says Judith Moran, daughter of Jean-Jacques Ausch and Martina Moran, a family in love with the creation of all these unique machine …

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Open day in celebration of international museum day: Friday, 17th – Sunday 19th May

The following museums will be offering open days:

Casa Cristo Museum – a traditional poor person’s home,

Encamp National Automobile Museum – a wide selection of vintage cars and bicycles, Encamp

Casa Areny-Plandolit Museum – An aristocratic household, Ordino

Postal Museum – Andorran stamps, Ordino

Columba space – a display of the original murals from the Santa Coloma Church, in …

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We plan to open our fourth museum in Girona dedicated to Catalan painters, says a world-famous art collector Carmen Thyssen

Last week, the inauguration of the third exhibition of paintings “Femina Feminae”, including 29 paintings dedicated to woman’s beauty, took place in The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra. The owner of the collection, Andorran resident, María del Carmen Rosario Soledad Cervera y Fernández de la Guerra, Dowager Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon et Impérfalva, popularly known …