Main museums in St. Petersburg. TOP 40

There are over 200 museums and their branches in St. Petersburg.

The list includes main public museums of St. Petersburg (except for narrow departmental museums on the history of enterprises, educational institutions, military units and public organizations).

It was in St. Petersburg that public museums were opened for the first time in Russia.

Since 1702, decrees of Emperor Peter I were issued on the collection and storage of models and various rarities. In 1714, the first state public museum, the Kunstkamera, was founded, which included the Kunskabinet (the first art museum in Russia) and the Munskabinet (the first numismatic museum).

TOP 40 most visited museums in St. Petersburg (in alphabetical order)

Anna Akhmatova Museum

Artillery Museum

Avrora cruiser and its museum

Car museum Route 66

Central Museum of Railway Transport

Central Naval Museum

Faberge Museum

Hermitage Museum

Kunstkamera museum

Mining museum

Museum-Apartment of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Museum-estate of Gavriil Derzhavin

Museum of body anomalies

Museum of Emotions

Museum of Modern Arts named after S. P. Diaghilev

Museum of Music

Museum of Political History

Museum of Printing

Museum of radio

Museum “St. Petersburg Artist”

Museum of Suvorov and the Tin Soldiers

Museum of the History of the Troops of the Western Military District

Patriot Military Historical Park in Kronstadt

Pushkin House and its Literary Museum

Russian State Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic in St. Petersburg

Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts

Retro Car Show – Muscle Car Show

S-189 submarine museum

Smolny State Historical and Memorial Museum

Stieglitz art museum

Soviet electronic play machines museum

State Museum of the History of Religion

State Russian Museum

Russian Museum of Pedagogy

Zoological Museum

Water museum

Wax Museum

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