In Andorra the specialities are meat, fish, seafood, foie gras and mushrooms, says the chief of one of the oldest traditional restaurants of Andorra, Marc Benet

Can Benet is one of the oldest family restaurants in the country that offers Andorran cuisine. It is located in the historical part of the city, next to the government and parliament of the principality. Andorran politicians and businessmen often have their lunch at the restaurant, and three years ago the restaurant was visited by …

Dinner ideas of Andorra by Carles Flinch

Strawberry salad with chunks of grilled monkfish

Strawberry salad with chunks of grilled monkfish


Mixed green salad

Fresh sprouts and herbs

¼ kg of strawberry and wild strawberries

200g of pineapple (diced)

Some asparagus

250 kg of green beans

Olive Oil Extra, salt, pepper, and apple or balsamic vinegar

200-400g of Monkfish medallion with no bone


Other options: This recipe can be done with scallops, figs or grapefruit.



Wash and …

Eat to live, live to eat: Carolina Kramer

All about botifarra sausages

Botifarra is a type of sausage made by stuffing intestine of pork with minced and marinated meat from the same animal.

Fresh Botifarras

These sausages, also called botifarra vermella, roget or simply botifarra, must be cooked before eating them, often on a pan or on a grill, and they are served whole as a meal with some …