Catalan producer of olive oil launched olive beer

photo: ACN

Olive oil producer Ivan Cayles launched the world’s first olive beer. Oliba Green Beer is a beer born in the Vall de Barcedana (Pallars Jussà, Catalonia), which is distinguished by a special green colour.

The agronomist wanted to combine his two passions in one product; olives and beer. Its recipe includes seven varieties of local olives grown in Pallars Jussà.

Oliba Green Beer was manufactured according to the classification of Pilsner (Czech Republic). The product has 5% alcohol, and it has a mild, refreshing taste, the manufacturer claims. This is a gluten-free beer that does not affect its taste.

Oliba Green Beer is the “Mediterranean drink of the Pyrenees,” based on the concept of spreading the culture of growing olive trees in Catalonia: from the foot of a mountain, such as the Vall de Barcedana, to the Mediterranean coast.

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