Cream of Green Peas Soup with mint and crunchy yuca


1kg of fresh green peas, if available, if not substitute with frozen ones
1 medium onion, 1 medium leek
Salt and white pepper
few mint leafs
virgin olive oil
200g of fresh cheese
100g of yuca (cassava, manioc)


Shell the peas from the pods and julienne the leek


In a saucepan heat olive oil, add onion, leek, and fry to soften. Before they brown add the peas, stir for 5 minutes then add cold water and leave to cook for about 25 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste and before the end of cooking add the cheese to thicken and add richness to the soup, finally blend and strain.

Reserve until serving.

Cut the peeled yuca root into thin slices with the help of a mandolin. Then fry them in a pan with hot oil until crunchy, salt and reserve to serve on top of the soup.


Serve the soup in individual bowls, topped with crunchy yucca and a mint leaf for decoration.


You could also use broad, green or dry beans for this cream soup. Substitute the vegetable garnish for something else, as long as it is crunchy.


Peas belong to the legume group and are therefore rich in carbohydrates and proteins. They are also rich in fiber and are best digested in the form of cream. Mint is an aromatic herb rich in folic acid and has digestive benefits, but in excess it can cause irritation. Cassava or yuca is a root with potato-like properties; it is also used to make creams and soups as it has good digestive properties.

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