Skydream company (Spain, Barcelona) announced work start on launching a wind tunnel complex in Andorra

Skydream company (Spain, Barcelona) announced the commencement of work on launching a wind tunnel complex in Andorra. Andorra annually attracts more than 9 million tourists and has got a developed tourist infrastructure, therefore, the project will enjoy great popularity, as the company’s web site states. The project is already under approval at the city planning authorities of Andorra la Vella and is expected to be launched in 2015.

Wind tunnel is a training simulator, that can be used for the basic training of parachutists, as well as for complicated elements practicing.

Skydream company offers the opportunity to purchase and install wind tunnels anywhere in the world. In particular, the company installs a computer program that supervises the work of operational personnel, the booking system, themed restaurant, gym,  nightclub, administrators, different rooms and coaches, that ensure the work process in the center.

The company exercises strict control over the education and staff training, which is essential for the wind tunnel operation. Each tunnel is accompanied by a team, traveling anywhere in the world for the installation and maintenance of the complex. For any center it is always beneficial to cooperate with famous parachute instructors as far as it attracts more and more customers, and as experience shows; at that the profit growth is about 20%, –  sais the company’s web site.

Skydream supervises the management of the project and invites co-investors for potential partnership as well as for the implementation of associated commercial activities within the bounds of the complex.

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