Saint-Pierre de Moissac Abbey, from the 7th – 15th centuries, is located in the commune of Moissac, in the department of Tarn-et-Garonne in the Occitania region (France).

In 1840, it was classified as a historic monument; other protection orders followed in 1923, 1930, 1942, 1946, 1960 and 1998.

Since 1998, it has been listed by UNESCO on the world heritage of humanity under the Camino de Santiago.

The Abbey, founded in the 8th century, was attached, in 1047, to the powerful Abbey of Cluny and became, in the 12th century, the most eminent monastic center in southwest France.

The Abbey and the Cloister offer a remarkable example of a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles, but it is the tympanum of the south portal that constitutes Moissac’s masterpiece.

Executed in the first half of the 12th century, it illustrates the vision of Saint John in the book of Revelation of the Parousia of Christ.

The Cloister is the second remarkable monument of the Abbey complex.

Address: 6 Pl. Durand de Bredon, 82200 Moissac, France


Thursday 1:30–5 PM
Friday 1:30–5 PM
Saturday 10 AM–12 PM, 1:30–5 PM
Sunday 10 AM–12 PM, 1:30–5 PM
Monday 1:30–5 PM
Tuesday 1:30–5 PM
Wednesday 1:30–5 PM

Phone: +33 5 63 04 01 85

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