Lautrec is a commune in the Tarn department of the Occitania region (France). Historically and culturally, the commune lies in the Castrais region, a predominantly agricultural area between the right bank of the Agout to the south and its tributary, the Dadou, to the north.

Exposed to an altered oceanic climate, it is drained by the Bagas, the Lézert, the Poulobre, the Ganoubre, the Merdalou, the Saborgues, the Vidalès and various other small streams. The commune boasts a remarkable natural heritage, with five natural zones of ecological, faunistic and floristic interest.

Lautrec is a rural commune with a population of 1,694 as of 2021, having reached a peak of 4,032 in 1806. It is part of the Castres catchment area.

Lautrec is listed among The Most Beautiful Villages of France as well as a Remarkable Site for Taste thanks to its renowned pink garlic.

Main attractions

Religious architecture

  • Saint-Rémy de Lautrec church. The building was listed as a historic monument in 1999.
  • Notre-Dame church in Provillergues.
  • Église Saint-Clément in Saint-Clément.
  • Église Saint-Étienne de Grayssac.
  • Église Saint-Martin-de-Brametourte in La Bertrandié.
  • Église Saint-Martin-de-Dauzats.
  • Église Saint-Pierre-d’Expertens, Lautrec.

Civil architecture

  • The medieval village.
  • The Caussade gate (13th century).
  • 16th-century residences.
  • The central square and the 17th-century covered market.
  • Château de Brametourte (11th century).
  • Château de Malvignol (16th century).
  • Château des Ormes (19th century).
  • 1688 windmill (restored in 1990).

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Main information

Area:  54 km2

Population: 1694

Coordinates: 43°42′25″N 2°08′23″E

Language: French

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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