House of Writers in Lavrushinsky Lane

The House of Writers in Lavrushinsky Lane is a residential building, an architectural monument, located in the city of Moscow, an object of the cultural heritage of Russia of regional significance.

In the 1930s, the site in Lavrushinsky Lane was transferred to the housing and construction writers’ cooperative “Soviet Writer.” The architect-engineer I.I. Nikolaev, who later became the rector of the Moscow Architectural Institute, became the project architect in the style of the early Soviet monumental classicism.

The vertical segmentation of the facade is filled with bay windows and balconies. The first two floors are finished with rustication.

In 1937, the first stage of the house with comfortable apartments from two to five rooms was commissioned.
Renting apartments was not cheap: from 8,000 to 20,000 rubles.

The first stage of the house was handed over in 1937 with significant flaws, which were eliminated only after the Great Patriotic War. At the same time, the construction of the second stage began.

Writers M. Aliger, A. Barto, D. Bergelson, V. Bill-Belotserkovsky, M. Bubennov, P. Vershigora, N. Virta, Vs. Vishnevsky, V. Gerasimova, F. Gladkov, N. Gribachev, I. Ilf, V. Kaverin, E. Kazakevich, L. Kassil, V. Kataev, S. Kirsanov, F. Knorre, V. Lugovskoy, A. Makarenko, L. Nikulin, P. F. Nilin, Yu. Olesha, L. Oshanin, K. Paustovsky, E. Petrov, N. Pogodin, M. Prishvin, I. Selvinsky, V. Sokolov, S. Stande, K. Fedin, V. Chivilikhin, V. Shklovsky, S. Shchipachev, I. Ehrenburg, A. Yashin, literary critics Osaf Litovsky, Yu. Yuzovsky, literary critic D. D. Blagoy, singer L Ruslanova and others lived in this building.

The House of Writers entered the history of world literature thanks to Mikhail Bulgakov, who, in his novel The Master and Margarita, described it in detail – in the episodes of the destruction of the apartment of the critic Latunsky. It is known that one of the prototypes of Latunsky is the critic Litovsky, who just lived in the Writer’s House.

In the courtyard of the writer’s house are chambers of the 17th-18th centuries, which now house the Museum of Moscow Streltsy Streltsy Chambers, opposite the Tretyakov Gallery.

Nearest metro: Tretyakovskaya.

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