Nizhny Susalny Lane and its Loft style business space (former Moscow Gas Plant)

Nizhny Susalny Lane is a street in the center of Moscow in the Basmanny District between Kazakov Street and the Moscow-Kursky Railway station.

Among main attractions is the Moscow Gas Plant (a former gas plant in the Basmanny District of the Central Administrative District of Moscow), built in 1865 to illuminate the city, a monument of industrial architecture. Currently, the premises of the plant have been converted into a business center.

In 1861, engineers Werner von Siemens and Johann Halske proposed to the Moscow governor-general that gas lighting be installed in Moscow. In 1863, the Duma announced the search for a contractor; as a result of the auction, entrepreneur A. Bouquet and engineer N. Goldsmith won. On January 29, 1865, the Administrative Council signed a contract with them, and on July 24, construction began on the Moscow Gas Plant behind the Kursk Railway.

The first two two-story buildings were built along the line of Nizhny Susalny Lane according to the project of Fyodor Dmitriev for workers to live. At the same time, the architect Rudolf Bernhard supervised the construction of four brick gas holders 20 meters high, 10 meters deep, and 40 meters in diameter. The building of the gas plant, which consisted of several workshops, was built between the gas tanks and the administrative building. Equipment for the plant, coal for the production of lighting gas and laying gas pipelines were imported from abroad.

The ceremonial launch of the Moscow Gas Plant and the lighting of the gas lamp at the Archangel Cathedral took place on December 27, 1866. By this time, 90 km of gas networks were laid and 2019 lamps were installed.

Since 2003, the plant (under the new name ARMA) has become one of the main creative centers in Moscow, where musicians, designers, and producers gather. Currently, the former gas plant is rented out for offices, restaurants and shops.

Today Arma is a modern Loft-style business space with a total area of more than 90,000 sq.m. On a vast plot of 8.3 hectares, there are 27 buildings of a B+ class business block with a total area of 50,000 sq. m.

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