Trout fishing in Europe: Andorra

Trout fishing in Europe: Andorra

In the period from the middle of Junel till the end of October Andorra becomes one of the most beautiful places of Southern Europe for professional and amateur fishing. Inseparable mountain landscapes and the heights over 2000 meters above the sea level will give the amateurs of this type of sport unforgettable impressions. The major fish of Andorran lakes and rivers are the variety of trout. It is also possible to find European catfish, carp and other species here.

There are 12 licensed zones for sport carp and trout fishing in Andorra. 5 of them are equipped for ordinary fishing, 3 are natural zones and 4 are the zones of “caught—let it free” fishing .

Intensive fishing:

Engolasters Lake, the Oos River (14.03-16.11), the Northern Valira river (12.04-12.10), Tristaina and Cubil lakes (21.06-12.10);

Natural Parks:

The Pessons and Manegor rivers at Sorteni Park  (21.06-12.10)

“Cought—Let it free” sectors:

A part of the Northern Valira river up to Arans  and Vilar de la Cortinada  bridges, Pessons Lake (21.06-12.10), The Ayhec river up to the merge with Cap Torrent (Villa village at Encamp parroquia) (12.04-12.10) and the Encler river up to the border (14.03-16.11)

Carp and trout fishing. Prices

The prices for season licenses (including the fees to Andorran Hunting and Fishing Federation):

The citizens of Andorra and residents: 45.10 euro

The citizens of Andorra and residents under 10 years old: free

The citizens of Andorra and residents from 10 till 14 years old: 7.30 euro

The citizens of Andorra and residents older than 60 years old: 22.55 euro

Non-residents: 94.20 euro

The prices for 1-day license:

One-day touristic license: 12.40 euro

One-day touristic license (“cought-let it free”): 6.20 euro

Zoned rates and prices:

Intensive fishing: 9.75 euro

“Cought-let it free”: 6.30 euro

Pessons Lake zone: 15.90 euro

Sorteni Park and the Manegor river zones: 3.50 euro

Educational fishing: 4.85 euro

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