D’O Castle with its ponds and gardens listed as a historical monument

D’O Castle (fr. Château d’O), also known as Domaine d’O, is one of the chateaux, old country mansions or follies, built by wealthy merchants, from the 18th century onwards, surrounding the French city of Montpellier.

The Parc du Domaine d’O is open to the public all year round. It contains a Montpellier folie with ponds and fountains listed as a historical monument: the Château d’O.

In the middle of this 23-hectare park, you can stroll through Mediterranean gardens, a hundred-year-old pine forest and an olive grove and enjoy a picnic with family or friends.

In winter and summer alike, the Domaine hosts many special events as well as circus, theatre, music and cinema festivals.

Coordinates: 43°38′00″N 3°50′21″E

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