Cycling in Andorra. Mountain bike (MTB) and road bike. All routes and parks

Сycling in Andorra. Mountain bike (MTB) and road bike. All velo routes

Cycling in Andorra, Pyrenees. Mountain bike (MTB), road bike, fatbike. All routes and parks

Andorra is a popular stage for manifold international bicycle races , such as Tour de France,  Vuelta a España, Volta a Catalunya, World Championships and manifold gatherings of mountain bike riders (MTB).

The amateurs of highway cycling may enjoy the landscapes, roads and mountain passes. Those, who prefer mountain bikes, may ascend together with their bicycles by cable lifts that function year-round and attend bicycle parks of Grandvalira and Vallnord or to ride over manifold landscapes of the country on their own.

The total amount of cyclists, that attend the country from summer till autumn, is no less than the amount of skiing amateurs. In summer the biggest ski resort of Andorra—Grandvalira turns into the bike park. Oscar Saiz, a manager of Soldeu bike park, is a world-known sportsmen in such discipline as downhill MTB. Together with his team, he daily conducts trainings for both inexperienced MTB bikers and for professionals that have their exercises at Grandvalira slopes.

MTB mountain cycling. Mountain bicycle

Soldeu (Grandvalira) bike park

Dates: opening—closing 28.06—28.09

Working hours: from 10.00 till 18.00


Children  3 — 5 years old Children 6-12 years old Adults Retired people 65+
Half a day Free 12 euro 16 euro 12 euro
1 day Free 14 euro 24 euro 13 euro
2 days Free 25 euro 36 euro 23 euro
3 days Free 36 euro 55 euro 35 euro
4 days Free 49 euro 73 euro 46 euro
5 days Free 60 euro 91 euro 57 euro
3 rides (endure) Free 12 euro 16 euro 12 euro
MTB seasonal subscription 115 euro 170 euro 115 euro
*MTB seasonal subscription (residents) 90 euro 120 euro 90 euro
** Andorra bike pass: 4 days 75 euro

*Includes the access to Soldeu cable car (TC8 Soldeu), Solana (TSD6 Solana)

**Sold only in Soldeu booking offices. Valid for Soldeu and Vallnord parks for the only user without the right to give it to anyone else.

Bicycle rent:

Model 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
XC (cross country) 10 euro 15 euro 20 euro 25 euro 45 euro 55 euro 70 euro 85 euro
DH 30 euro 35 euro 45 euro 60 euro 110 euro 160 euro 210 euro 260 euro
DH premium 35 euro 40 euro 50 euro 70 euro 125 euro 190 euro 245 euro 310 euro


1 hour (1-4 persons) 25 euro
2 hours (1-4 persons) 35 euro
Half a day—4 hours (1-4 persons) 59 euro
1 day (1-4 persons) 71 euro

 Vallnord bike park

Another ski resort of Andorra –Vallnord takes a new name for the summertime and is called Vallnord Bike Park. In case you attribute yourself to the amateurs of mountain bikes, then from April till September you have access to more than 40 km of summer tracks with the total altitude differences of more than 1000 meters and 17 schemes of different complexity grades. The cycle slopes are available thanks to 3 lifts, specially equipped in summer for the elevation of bicycles: gondola-lift in La Massana and 2 chair lifts in Serra and Cubil. The lift in Cubil takes the guests to the most complicated tracks with big altitude differences, suitable only for professionals.

There are also the tracks for enduro and cross-country in Vallnord.

In case you have never tried this breathtaking sport, then the resort may offer you the services of one of the most popular European schools of mountain bike.

Vallnord bike park has also got the slopes of different grades of technical complexity, including the official schemes of World championships that took place there in 2008 and 2009. The schemes include jump ramps, hills and humps as well as four lines for simultaneous descent of four cyclists. The scheme of work is also new:  the track starts from Cubil peak (at the height of 2358m, the highest point of Bike Park)—with cable cars to the cognominal base. Vallnord Bike Park shelters the headquarters of such famous competitions as Cono Bici Festival and UCI MTC (DH and Cross-Country) world championships.

In La Massana one may rent mountain or cross-country bicycles. There are many models, including professional mountain bikes, produced by Andorran company Commencal. The park is located in Pal sector – it is really convenient to get from La Massana by cable way or by car (15 minutes).

The major velo routes in Andorra. Combination: mountain and road bicycle  

Bicycle ride — is a dynamic and reasonably extreme way to get acquainted with wonderful Andorran nature. The total length of cycle routes makes up more than 200 km, they go through 20 mountain masses, and the highest of them are located at the height of 2500 m above the sea level.

1. Gall path—the route of Soldeu sector (Grandvalira) in Canillo of 6,8km length. The average time of ride is 1 hour 50 minutes. The route with sharp ascents and descents. The level of complexity is high.

2. Cortals of Encamp—this is a route with sharp ascents and descents. It goes through Solanelles sector (Grandvalira). The length is 3 km, the average time of ride is 30 minutes. The level of complexity is high.

3. BTT XC3 Circuit a round-trip route that starts and ends up in Planell (Pal sector of Vallnord resort). It is known because it was used for MTB (mountain bike) World Championship. This route is ideal for both the amateurs of high level of qualification and the professionals that prefer high altitude exercises (the altitude of the route is 2000m above the sea level). The length of the track is 7km, the average time of the route varies from 40 to 60 minutes.

4. La Rabassa (from San Julia de Loria, Naturlandia to Negre peak) is considered to be one of the most difficult routes because of the angle of slope and altitude. Alongside with that, this route will present the views of incomparable beauty to those who manages it: Andorra and a part of the Pyrenees from Cardit peak (on the territory of France) up to the mountain hills in Aragon (Spain) will spread before the eyes. The length of the track is 6,5km. The average time of ride is 1 hour 30 minutes.

5. Round-trip Engolasters route (Escaldes-Engordany) goes through cognominal mountain chain up to El Favar ring. This route is suitable for both MTB and road bikes. The air is crystal clear and is filled with peace and quiet; the proximity to Engolasters Mountain Lake gives freshness even in summer. The length of the route is 1,4 km, the average time of ride is 20 minutes.

6. Round-trip Firebreaker route starts and finishes in La Comella (Andorra la Vella). A part of the route (about 2 km out of total 6,5km) goes through a stiff slope, the altitude differences make up 200m. The cyclists without high level of qualification are recommended to start their route the other way round; a difficult part of the route can be bypassed. The level of complexity is high.

Main velo routes through cities and districts. Road cycling. Road bicycle


Canillo – El Forn (CS -251). Altitude: 1527 m – 1915 m. Gradient: 6.2%, 7.1%, 6.8%, 8.4%, 8.2%, 9.9%

Canillo – Call D’Ordino (CS-240). Altitude: 1523 m – 1980 m. Gradient: 6.8%, 7.4%, 7.6%, 6.1%, 4.5%, 6.7%, 2.4%, – 1.3%, 6.1%

Ransol – Coma de Ransol (road de Ransol). Altitude: 1600 m – 1944 m. Gradient: 6.4%, 7.2%, 4.8%, 6.4%


Encamp – Els Cortals (CS 220). Altitude: 1329 m – 2083 m. Gradient: 10.2%, 10%, 9.4%, 9.6%, 8.9%, 7.6%, 8.3%, 6.5%, 5.4%

Pas de la Casa – Port D’Envalira (Port d’Envalira – CG2). Altitude: 2.089 m – 2408 m. Gradient: 5%, 7%, 6.8%, 6.6%, 6.5%


Ordino – Call D’Ordino (CS 340). Altitude: 1287 m – 1980 m. Gradient: 6.6%, 6.7%, 7.6%, 8.1%, 7%, 7%, 7%, 6.5%, 7.1%, 6.3%

El Serrat – Arcalis (CG3 El Serrat). Altitude: 1505 m – 2.229 m. Gradient: 8.8%, 8%, 8%, 6.7%, 6.5%, 6.8%, 6.8%, 6.1%, 6.2%, 6.4%, 4.2%

La Massana:

Erts – Estacio de Pal (CG4 La Massana). Altitude: 1340 m – 1900 m. Gradient: 4.4%, 6.4%, 8.2%, 6.9%, 7.5%, 9%, 6.5%, 6.3%, 2%

Erts – Estacio de Arinsal (CG 5 La Massana). Altitude: 1340 m – 1914 m. Gradient: 7.5%, 7.9%, 8.5%, 8.2%, 9.7%, 8.6%, 7%

Erts – Port de Cabus (CG 4 Erts – La Massana). Altitude: 1340 m – 2302 m. Gradient: 4.4%, 6.4%, 8.2%, 6.9%, 7.5%, 9%, 5.8%, 8.2%, 8.3%, 8.2%, 5.7%, 2.5%, 1.5%, 6.3%, 6.1%, 2%

Anyos – Collada de Beixalis (CG3 Anyos). Altitude: 1201 m – 1795 m. Gradient: 3.6%, 7.1%, 8.5%, 7.9%, 8.8%, 7.3%, 7%, 5.8%, 4.9%

Andorra la Vella:

Rotonds de la Comella (CS-101, CG 1 – La Comella). Altitude: 999 m – 1347 m. Gradient: 8.5%, 8%, 7.4%, 7.8%, 9.1%

Sant Julia de Loria:

Sant Julia de Loria – Certers (CS-120, CG1 Road de Certers). Altitude: 910 m – 1310 m. Gradient: 7.8%, 8.5%, 9.7%, 7.1%, 6.5%, 2%

Sant Julia de Loria – La Peguera (CS-130, CG1 La Rabassa – Peguera). Altitude: 910 m – 1821 m. Gradient: 10%, 11.2%, 6.8%, 6.9%, 7.4%, 7.5%, 5.9%, 6.4%, 6.1%, 6.5%, 0.9%, 7.3%, 2.6%, 6%

Sant Julia de Loria – Les Pardines (CS-140, CG1 Fontaneda). Altitude: 891 м – 1501 м. Gradient: 7.8%, 9.5%, 5.1%, 3.9%, 8.5%, 8.2%, 9%, 8.1%, 0.5%

Sant Julia de Loria – la Rabassa (CS-130, CG1 la Rabassa). Altitude: 910 m – 20137 m. Gradient: 10%, 4%, 9.1%, 10%, 9.4%, 7%, 7.6%, 5.4%, 5.5%, 5.7%, 5.2%, 5.1%, 5%, 4.5%, 4.7%, 5.9%, 6.6%, 5.6%

Aixovall – Coll de la Gallina (CS-600, CG1 Fontaneda). Altitude: 928 m – 1910 m. Gradient: 4.1%, 10.1%, 3.9%, 8.6%, 9%, 10.2%, 9.4%, 9.5%, 8.5%, 7.2%, 9.7%, 9.5%

Escaldes – Engorgany:

Escaldes – Engordany – Port D’Envalira (CG2). Trans Andorra velo route through 3 districts. Escaldes – Engordany – Encamp – Canillo. Altitude: 1063 m – 2408 m. Gradient: 7.5%, 3.7%, 3.6%, 5.9%, 5.9%, 6.2%, 1.9%, 6.1%, 5.2%, 1.3%, 2.3%, 4%, 3.7%, 4.2%, 4.7%, 5.5%, 6.4%, 5.5%, 7.2%, 4.9%, 5.3%, 6.9%, 7.2%6.4%, 6.4%, 6.6%

Escaldes – La Comella (CG2 – CS-101). Altitude: 1109 m – 1347 m. Gradient: 8.5%, 3.6%, 1.3%, 9.5%

Fatbike on the snow

It’s new sport in the south of Europe, but already quite popular in Switzerland and other mountainous countries in the north. Director of sport events department of SAETDE (a shareholder of Grandvalira – the biggest Andorran ski resort) Alex Antor told about new winter sport discipline – the Grandvalira snow bike competition:

“I would like to draw your attention to a new sport event – mountain bike snow racing. Next year we will hold it for the first time here in Andorra. People who come to Grandvalira for ski and snowboard want to try something new.  That’s why we are always trying to widen our range of services and are getting ready to offer snow mountain bike renting. But beforehand we need to promote this new service. That’s why we will organize the Grandvalira snow bike event. It will take place in Grau Roig. We need to construct a mountain bike track as well as two public areas. The start zone will begin in the main car park in Grau Roig, then it will go to Peretol and then up to Cubil. The finish line will also be in Grau Roig. The length of the track is 21km,  the altitude difference is 600m and the altitude above sea level is about 2000m”. Look for details here

Joaquim Rodríguez (also known as “Purito¨), professional Spanish road racing cyclist and former captain of the Katusha team, told why he prefers to live and train in Andorra. Look here for the interview 

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