The castle of Mansencôme, built at the beginning of the 14th century, in located the commune of Mansencôme (Gers department near Valence-sur-Baïse, Occitania, France).

The castle was built and remained the property of the Lasseran family for several centuries. In 1319, Vital de Lasseran paid homage to the Count of Armagnac. In 1636, Louis XIII established the lands of Mansencôme as a barony. In September 1736, François (de Poyanne) de Lasseran-Mansencôme-Monluc, Marquis de La Garde, sold the castle and land for 20,000 pounds to Marquis Gaspard de Maniban.

After the Revolution, the castle passed into the hands of successive owners who gradually abandoned it.

It was registered as a Historic Monument in 1927.

It has a main rectangular body measuring approximately 15 m by 18 m, on three levels, the ground floor of which had no openings, covered by a tiled gable roof. It is flanked by two towers, the largest square in plan at the west corner, the second at the east corner has a low door. Cruciform archers remain from the original construction. Later, openings were made on the residential floors: a twin window, then large mullioned bays.

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