Andorra approved a modification of the retail price of heating

Andorra approved a modification of the retail price of heating
The Council of Ministers of Andorra (Pyrenees) has approved this Wednesday a modification of the retail price of heating. These tariffs were created in 2016 with the commissioning of the cogeneration plant and the Soldeu FEDA heat network, and now they will also affect the area of la Comella as its network goes live.

The new rates, proposed by FEDA, are aimed at adapting to the characteristics of the customers studied during the three years of operation of the plant of Soldeu. Thus, up to now, two tariffs were offered, one of short duration and the other long duration. In view of the differences in consumption among the existing clients, it has been decided to extend the offer to four different tariffs, depending on the power contracted. Thus there will be different rates for short duration, medium, long and very long duration.

In this way, the variables that can affect each type of client are regulated. However, customers who do not change their tariff category will not see any change, as their tariffs will be maintained. On the other hand, there is a clause which allows all customers, who sign the contract to join the heat network during the project study period or in the first three years of operation, to enjoy free initial connection.

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