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Cheap alcohol. Andorra: 4.5% VAT with no excises

Alcohol: cheap and expensive. Andorra: 4.5% VAT with no excises

(prices updated 01.01.2020)

Andorra is not part of the European Union, therefore, the country’s trade policy is not affected by the strict European regulations of the alcohol market. In addition, Andorra today has the lowest VAT rate in Europe, which is fixed for …

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Market basket and food cost: Spain VS Andorra

Food prices and consumer basket: Spain VS Andorra

(updated: 01.01.2020)

Water, milk, meat, poultry, fish, cereals, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits


Products/ Prices
Hacendado (Spain)
Eco/Marque Repère (Andorra)

Cooked ham

1,88€ (12 slices – 250g)

3,29€ (10 slices – 500g)(Eco)

Cheese Sandwich
1,00€ (200g)
1,75€ (300g) (Eco)

Olive oil
11,00€ (5L)

15,00€ (5L) (Coosur)


Orange juice
1,00€ (1L)
0,97€ (1L) (Marque …

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Smartphones & cell phones: prices in Andorra

Smartphones & cell phones: prices (updated 18.02.2019)




XPERIA M C1905 (W) SONY – from 107,62 €

XPERIA Z5 32GB DE (B) SONY – from 480,61 €

XPERIA Z5 32GB DUAL SIM (GR) DE SONY – from 316,62 €

XPERIA M (B) SONY – from 102,32 €

XPERIA Z5 32GB DUAL SIM (W) DE SONY – from 315,27 …