A record number of people took part in the third Andorran demonstration calling for a solution to the housing problem

The third demonstration proved to be the most significant in Andorra‘s history and exceeded all expectations.

Housing is a right, not a business

Around 2,000 people, according to the police, and almost 3,000 according to the organisers, took to Andorra’s two main shopping streets (Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany) to demand a solution to the problem of housing rents, chanting slogans such as “A nation does not give in” and “Speculators out of the country”.

It should be noted that 3,000 people for a population of 80,000 is a quite considerable statistics.

The demonstrators demanded the resignation of the head of the Government of Andorra, Xavier Espot, and his minister for the economy, labour and housing, Conxita Marsol.

The government’s reaction to the first demonstration, a short time ago, was not only insufficient, but also prompted many people to take to the streets. That’s what made this third demonstration so successful.

In a country where mass demonstrations are unusual, Friday 8 December 2023 showed that people are no longer afraid to express their opinions.

Photos: Manel Montoro

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