The Trinity Bridge in St. Petersburg

The Trinity (Troitsky) Bridge (from 1918 to 1934 – the Equality Bridge, from 1934 to 1991 – the Kirovsky Bridge) – a road metal drawbridge across the Neva in St. Petersburg.

It connects the Petrogradsky and 1st Admiralteysky Islands. The third permanent bridge across the Neva (after Blagoveshchensky and Liteyny bridge), one of the most beautiful St. Petersburg bridges.

In 1990, it was included in the list of objects of cultural heritage of Russia of regional significance, is under state protection.

Since 2005, the open drawbridge span has been one of the symbols of the Scarlet Sails alumni holiday.

The first floating bridge was built in 1803. In 1897-1903, according to the project of the French company Batignolles and with the participation of Russian engineers, a permanent metal bridge was built.

Until the construction of the Alexander Nevsky Bridge in 1965, it remained the longest in the city (582 m).

In 1965-1967 the draw span was rebuilt, in 2001-2003 the bridge was reconstructed.

The bridge connects Suvorovskaya Square in front of the Field of Mars and Troitskaya Square (Petrogradskaya Side).

Behind the bridge begins Kamennoostrovsky prospect. The northern part of the bridge is crossed by the Pulkovo meridian.

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