Liteyny Bridge in St. Petersburg

Liteyny Bridge (Liteiny) is a road drawbridge across the Neva in St. Petersburg. Connects the central part of the city (Central district) with the Vyborg side (Vyborg and Kalinin districts).

The second permanent bridge across the Neva (after Blagoveshchensky bridge). It was built across the deepest part of the Neva, where the depths reach 24 m. The railing of the bridge is an object of cultural heritage of regional significance.

The bridge connects Liteyny Prospekt and Akademika Lebedev Street.

Upstream is the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, below – the Trinity Bridge and the Sampsonevsky Bridge (across the Bolshaya Nevka).

The nearest metro stations are Chernyshevskaya, Ploshchad Lenina.

Six-span metal drawbridge. Span structures made of steel-reinforced concrete of variable height beam-continuous system. The length of the bridge is 394 m, the width of the bridge between the railings is 34 m, of which the width of the carriageway is 28.0 m and two sidewalks of 3.0 m each.

Designer, architect engineer: L. A. Wildgrube, Yu. I. Sinitsa.

Opening 1849, 1967 (after reconstruction).

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