The 3d phase of confinement easing in Andorra starts Monday, 18th May: there is still no set date for the return to schools

The third phase of confinement in Andorra (Pyrenees) easing starts Monday, 18th May.

This phase includes:

All health professions, veterinary consultations, hairdressers, barbershops and beauty centres (after previous training in hygiene and basic measures to care for their establishments with the maximum possible security) will be able to resume their activity. The remaining industrial activities, publishing and graphics activities, advertising and staffing agencies will also be opened.

There are 13,755 employees left to reach full activity (of which about 2,500 will resume activity on Monday).

Mobility restrictions, first implemented at the beginning of the pandemic, continue at the two borders. There is no official confirmed date for resumption of mobility at the moment. An inter-ministerial group has been set up to coordinate government action and share strategies with neighbouring countries.

There is still no set date for the return to schools.

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