The Novo-Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg

The Novo-Mikhailovsky Palace is an architectural monument of federal significance, the Grand Duke’s Palace, located in the center of St. Petersburg at 18, Palace Embankment (Neva river) and 19, Millionnaya Street (ringmaster Corps building).

The architect is Andrey Ivanovich Shtakenshneider, the palace is considered the third major grand ducal residence, built according to the project of the architect. It was built in 1857-1862 especially for Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich, the son of Emperor Nicholas I.

The construction of the palace is connected with the marriage of the prince to the Baden princess Cecilia Augusta.

Since the city already had one Mikhailovsky Palace, it was decided to call it Novo-Mikhailovsky.

Currently, a number of institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences work in the palace.

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