The National Automobile Museum hosts the ‘Legends in miniature’ collection with replicas of Ferrari in 1:18 scale

photo: govern

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Sílvia Riva, visited this Friday the new temporary exhibition at the National Automobile Museum. The collection is made up of 80 miniatures on a 1:18 scale from Ferrari, that review the most emblematic models of the Italian manufacturer, from the most prestigious racing vehicles to the most symbolic sports cars from the Maranello factory, such as the 250 GTO, the Dino, the Testarossa or Enzo.

With the aim to involve in the project people at risk of social exclusion, the exhibition collaborated with the young people from the Aula Taller. They have been commissioned to make tailored displays for the replicas. Ferrari is probably the most iconic car brand and the miniature models exhibited in the museum stand out for its refined lines, arising from the imagination of some of the most prestigious car designers, such as Battista Pininfarina or Giorgietto Giugiaro.

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