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The National Automobile Museum hosts the ‘Legends in miniature’ collection with replicas of Ferrari in 1:18 scale

photo: govern

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Sílvia Riva, visited this Friday the new temporary exhibition at the National Automobile Museum. The collection is made up of 80 miniatures on a 1:18 scale from Ferrari, that review the most emblematic models of the Italian manufacturer, from the most prestigious racing vehicles to the …

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The National Mobility Department changes the phases of the snow warnings colours to improve road safety and prevent traffic jams

The Director of the Department of Mobility, Jaume Bonell, and deputy director of the Police, Bruno Lasne, presented the special transit plan for winter 2019-2020. Among the main changes is the adaptation of the “snow colours” warning system. As such the green phase, which does not imply any disruptions, is removed.

The yellow phase of “snow …