Anadol A1 MkI Coupé

The A1 model, produced in Otosan’s factory in Hasanpaşa (Istanbul) is Anadol’s first passenger car model. Other Anadol passenger car models produced by Otosan are also characterized by the “A” series. Officially, there is no naming among the A1 models produced by Otosan according to the body type of the vehicle, but in 1972, the design of the A1 model was greatly changed. Therefore, A1 models produced before April 1972 can be called Mk I, and models produced after this date can be called Mk II.

A1 Mk I

The model of Anadol A1, called Mk I and produced between December 1966 and April 1972, was designed by Ogle Design and developed by Reliant. The prototype vehicle, produced by Reliant in England, was driven by test pilots from England to Turkey in December 1965, after the Ministry of Industry wanted to examine the vehicle. The first vehicles of the model, which started production the following year, were completed on December 1, 1966. On December 19, 1966, mass production of the A1 model started at the Otosan factory in Hasanpaşa (Kadıköy). The first Anadol A1 was delivered on January 11, 1967.

Although the 49 HP, Kent Pre-Crossflow OHV engine was used in the first A1 models, the 54 HP Kent Crossflow OHV engine began to be used as of August 1968. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes this model from other Anadol models is its round headlights. The body of the vehicle is made of fiberglass and polyester, and its technical parts are largely based on various models from Ford. A total of 15,231 units of the model called Mk I were produced.

Although a prototype of this model with an automatic transmission called “Super De Luxe” was produced and exhibited, it was not mass produced.

A1 Mk II

The Mk II model, designed for the 1971 Mediterranean Games in Izmir, is also called “Anadol Akdeniz”. Changes were made to the exterior design of the vehicle, and most notably, rectangular headlights were used instead of round headlights. The 1300 cc Kent engine used in the Mk I model was also used in this model. Various changes were also made in the cabin of the vehicle and the quality of the materials used was improved. Additionally, the ceiling of this model is vinyl covered. Mass production started in April 1972. 4,493 A1 Mk IIs were produced in approximately five years.

The Mk II model is similar to A2 Mk II model.

Assembly: Istanbul (Turkey)

Years of production: 1966—1975

Production: 16,750 units

Length: 4360 mm

Width: 1644 mm

Height: 1422 mm

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1198 cc

Power: 52 HP

Maximum speed: 139 km/h

Fuel consumption: 8 l/100 km

Weight: 850 kg

Rahmi M. Koç museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

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