The Employment Service has launched the new occupational training catalog in web format


The Employment Service of Andorra has launched the new occupational training catalog in web format that can be consulted at which extends the range of services offered to the users of this Service with the aim of training and empowering people who are unemployed and also to make companies more suitable and better formats available. The occupational training offered through the catalog is free, personalized, practical, demanded by the labor market and recognized by companies.

Interested people can consult the webpage where the occupational training is offered from two perspectives; one from the sector of interest and the other from the category of the training. Thus, it is possible to find occupational training programs whose objective is to develop work skills, languages, digital skills or to start or deepen knowledge of a profession or trade. In case any of the proposals are of interest, pre-enrollment can be done online and a technician of the Employment Service manages the registration and confirms the dates and place of performance.

To be able to offer this formative range, the Employment Service collaborates with private entities recognized for the realization of training, especially in the most technical and professional areas, in order to provide the best service to the users as well as a better return of training in companies.

In this way, the Employment Service offers free entry to all registered and job-seeking people, and the possibility of carrying out occupational training, in order to improve professional qualifications and improve professional skills, as well as workshops. These all aim to improve the skills for job searching and increase insertion skills. People who follow a program for improving employability through the public sector and young people aged 16 to 21 who are following a training program to promote employability are also targeted.

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