The 66th edition Tulip Rally started on Monday, May 13th in Andorra

The 66th edition TULPENRALLYE (Tulip Rally) started on Monday, May 13th in Andorra la Vella, Andorra (Pyrenees).

On Sunday, May 12, participants and officials gathered in the starting location and there were various activities during that day.

The Tulip Rally (Dutch: Tulpenrallye), first held in 1949, is the oldest Dutch rally competition.

The teams are divided into three classes: Tour, Sport and Expert. The Expert Class is for the navigators which in the past 2–6 years in the Top-20 of the Sport class have ended, or the previous years in the Top-20 of the Expert Class finished or in the Top-5 of the Sport Class. The Class Tour teams ride with little or no experience.

Participating cars must have been built before December 31, 1971. They are Class C, D, E, F or G divided depending on their age. If there are not more than three cars in one of these classes, the class is merged with the next class. In 2007 there were 43 teams in the Expert class with, 140 in the Sporting / Expert Class, 93 in the Sporting Class and 42 in the Touring Class.



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