Psychology, sport management and hiking in the Pyrenees with Irina Rybalchenko

Five “floors” of the Pyrenean Mountains: from the foot to the top

Trekking, skiing, snowshoeing, or mountain climbing requires training – depending on the purpose. Mountain tours are unsafe and require knowledge – both theoretical and practical. This is what my blog is about today.

Theoretical training includes:

Examining a map of the area, choosing a route;
The ability to “read” the placement of hazardous areas;
Possibility to have information in …


The world leader of X-Trial for this season is Toni Bou, said Natalia Gallego, president of the Andorran Motorsport Federation

On April 27 at 18:00 in Andorra’s Stadium, Poliesportiu d’Andorra, the finals of the X-Trial World Championship will be held. On the eve of this event, the president of the Andorran Motorcycling Federation (Federació Motociclista d’Andorra, FMA), Natalia Gallego, told about the favourites of this season, whose leader is the Spaniard with the Andorran …