Statue of Liberty in Paris is a replica of the original American statue, located in Paris (France).

This statue was given in 1889 to France by U.S. citizens living in Paris to celebrate the French Revolution three years after the main statue in New York was inaugurated. Originally, the statue was turned towards the east in order to face the Eiffel Tower. In 1937 it was turned towards the west so that it would be facing the original statue in New York. It is one of three replicas in Paris.

The statue is located near the Grenelle Bridge on the Île aux Cygnes, a man-made island in the Seine between the 15th and 16th arrondissements. It is a quarter-scale version (11.50 metres (37 feet 9 inches) high), and was one of the working models used during construction of the actual Statue of Liberty.

This model weighs 14 tons. It was inaugurated on 4 July 1889.

Its tablet bears two dates: “IV JUILLET 1776” (4 July 1776: the United States Declaration of Independence) like the New York statue, and “XIV JUILLET 1789” (14 July 1789: the storming of the Bastille) associated with an equal sign.

This statue is shown in the film National Treasure: Book of Secrets as a historic location.

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