The 15th arrondissement of Paris (15e arrondissement de Paris) is one of the 20 arrondissements of Paris (France).

Under the terms of article R2512-1 of the General Code of Local Authorities (regulatory part), it also bears the name, less commonly used, “arrondissement of Vaugirard”.

The 15th arrondissement is located in the southwestern part of Paris, on the left bank of the Seine, and also includes one of the three Parisian islands in the Seine, Île aux Cygnes.

With 8.48 km2, the 15th is the third largest arrondissement of Paris, and even the largest if the Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes were not counted in the 16th and 12th. It accounts for 8% of the capital’s surface area (9.7% without woods).

The district is delimited:

to the northeast, by avenue de Suffren, rue Pérignon, avenue de Saxe, rue de Sèvres, which separate it from the 7th arrondissement, and by boulevard du Montparnasse, which separates it from the 6th arrondissement;

to the south-east, by rue du Départ and the railway lines leaving from Paris-Montparnasse station, which mark the limit with the 14th arrondissement;

to the southwest, by the ring road, separating it from the communes of Vanves and Issy-les-Moulineaux.

to the northwest, by the Seine, facing the 16th arrondissement.

It is the city’s most populous arrondissement, with a population of 229,472 as of 2020.

It is also home to the high-rise Beaugrenelle district and its the Front de Seine riverside development, as well as the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles convention centre, where the 180-metre Tour Triangle is set to house a 120-room hotel and 70,000 square metres of office space in 2026. Close is the Héliport de Paris, the city heliport, just nearby the border with Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Main sights

Gare Montparnasse

Tour Montparnasse

Replica of the statue of Liberty

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Pont de Grenelle-Cadets



The 15th arrondissement is served by Paris metro lines 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 13. Apart from line 6, overhead from the Bir-Hakeim bridge to Pasteur, they are all underground. The terminus of line 8, Balard, is located at the southwest limit of the borough. The main connections are La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle (3 lines) and Montparnasse – Bienvenüe (4 lines). In total, the district is served by 22 stations.

(M) (4): Montparnasse – Welcome
(M) (6): Montparnasse – Bienvenüe, Pasteur, Sèvres – Lecourbe, Cambronne, La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle, Dupleix and Bir-Hakeim, partly aerial;
(M) (8): La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle, Commerce, Félix Faure, Boucicaut, Lourmel and Balard;
(M) (10): Duroc, Ségur, La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle, Avenue Émile-Zola, Charles Michels and Javel – André Citroën;
(M) (12): Montparnasse – Bienvenüe, Falguière, Pasteur, Volunteers, Vaugirard, Convention and Porte de Versailles;
(M) (13): Montparnasse – Bienvenüe and Duroc.


The (BUS) lines RATP 28 30 39 42 62 70 80 88 89 mainly.

The Gare Montparnasse bus station dedicated to RATP buses, also located in the 15th arrondissement, hosts the terminus of lines (BUS) RATP 28 91 94 95 96.

At night, several bus lines serve the district, notably from Montparnasse station, the Noctilien network lines: N01, N02, N12, N13, N61, N62, N63 and N66.


The south of the district is served by:

(T) (2): Henri Farman, Suzanne Lenglen, Porte d’Issy and Porte de Versailles;
(T) (3a): Brancion, Georges Brassens, Porte de Versailles, Desnouettes, Balard and Pont du Garigliano.


Branch C5 of the (RER) (C) runs along the northwest side of the 15th arrondissement, along the Seine and serves the stations of Pont du Garigliano, Javel and Champ de Mars – Tour Eiffel. This last station is the point of bifurcation, towards the west, between branches C5 and C7 (which goes back towards the north) and towards the east, of branch C1.

RER C: Javel, Pont du Garigliano and Champ de Mars – Eiffel Tower.

Main facts

  • Area 8.50 km2 (3.28 sq mi)
  • Population (January 2020) 229,472
  • Density 26,997/km2 (69,920/sq mi)
  • INSEE code 75115

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