Heavy snowfalls are favourable for the resumption of the winter season in the ski resorts of Catalonia

The most popular station with the thickest layer of snow was the Boi Taull station (Spain, Catalonia), which accumulated up to 50 centimetres of new snow on top of the one metre of snow that was already on the summit. Seven pistes were opened during these days, making an additional nine kilometres of skiing area.

At the highest resort in the Pyrenees, snow thickness ranges from 60cm at the bottom and up to 150cm at the highest points, with over 60% of the ski area open to the public. The Boí Valley station is working to open another 5.5 kilometres to the public with eight new slopes, most of which are black slopes.

Heavy snowfall in the early hours of last Sunday morning, 3 March, left up to 35 centimetres of new snow in the resort of Espot Esqui, with almost all slopes in use. Port Aine also benefited significantly from the snowfall, with 40 centimetres of new snow. The recent snowfalls have made it possible to expand the ski area in both Pallaresos resorts: at Espot Esqui from 68 % to 88 %, and at Port Aine from 74 % to 96 %. Off-piste trails for cross-country skiing are also open.

Snowfalls were also intense in La Molina, with more than 20 centimetres of fresh snow falling here. At present, snow depths are up to 65cm at high altitudes in the resorts of the Cerdanya, with more than 50% of the slopes open. The La Molina + Masella connection is scheduled to open this weekend.

The same optimistic scenario was observed at the Vall de Nuria resort, where 20 centimetres of new snow also fell. Here, snow depths are between 50 and 70 centimetres and more than 50% of the station is in operation.

Up to 20cm of new snow has fallen in Vallter 2000 and 30% of the slopes are open.

Winter weather conditions are forecast to continue throughout the week, further improving the good conditions and snow quality in the Catalan Pyrenees.

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