Road precautions are in place

The Civil Protection department, police, firefighters, COEX, Mobility and the Ministry of Education of  Andorra (Pyrenees) have held a Meeting to assess the gravity of the snowstorm, coordinate all bodies to ensure maximum normality and improve the circulation of the road network. Those responsible for the different services recommend maximum caution when travelling both in vehicles and on foot to prevent accidents whilst there is ice on the road and sidewalks.

Because of the snow that has been falling since this morning, special equipment is required to travel around the country. Some roads have had to be closed at times, but currently, traffic is circulating without problems. The accesses to France and Spain are open but special equipment is needed to travel in both territories.

The police are conducting equipment controls at various points in the country to avoid incidents, and remind drivers that any vehicle that is not equipped will be sanctioned, and if deemed necessary, the vehicle will be immobilized. Apart from the urban patrols, 11 control points have been allocated to ensure the correct circulation of vehicles. The communal traffic agents work in coordination with the police to guarantee the country’s mobility.

Regarding schools, efforts have been made by all the services in order to maintain normality to the maximum. School transport has not suffered any more problems than normal given a day of this complexity.

In anticipation of the complications during the end of the school day due to the lower temperatures expected in the afternoon a preventive treatment with salt will be carried out at the start of the different centers and priority will be given to cleaning of the accesses by the COEX and the communal services.

Those responsible for the different services recommend that travel by car is limited to journeys that are strictly necessary, to check the status of vehicles and special equipment before travelling and pedestrians are also recommended to equip themselves with warm clothes and footwear.

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