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Road precautions are in place

The Civil Protection department, police, firefighters, COEX, Mobility and the Ministry of Education have held a Meeting to assess the gravity of the snowstorm, coordinate all bodies to ensure maximum normality and improve the circulation of the road network. Those responsible for the different services recommend maximum caution when travelling both in vehicles and on …


We will not buy snow in Sochi and Siberia, it was a joke broadcasted on December 28 (Andorra’s April Fool’s Day), said Andorra Tourisme’s GM Betim Budzaku

At the beginning of the new year, Russian television channels launched information that Andorra planned to buy snow in Siberia and Sochi due to the lack of snow on the slopes of the ski resorts in the principality. The channels showed empty gray ski slopes. Then, quite seriously, it was stated that hundreds of tourists …