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MULTITICKET (Passmuseu) has become the most convenient way for the visitors to attend all museums of Andorra (19) that tell about local customs and traditions of the Principality as well as of the outstanding Romanesque 1000-year-old art heritage, etc. The MULTITICKET is valid for 1 year and includes 19 museums. It is personal and gives its owner a 50% discount on the admission price for 3 museums of choice among 19 currently operating in Andorra. The cost is 2.5 euro (with taxes). 

MULTITICKET can be acquired in all museums and touristic bureaus.

1. Casa Cristo Ethnographic Museum—that is a material life history of one Andorran landowning family of IX-XX centuries. There are three stores in the building as well as a basement with a barn, cellar and agricultural necessities. Narrow wooden steps lead to the ground floor with big kitchen and a great variety of ancient interior features. One may also see here a dining hall with a fireplace and two bedrooms: one belongs to the hosts and the other to the mother of the house master. Look for details here

2. Motorcycle Museum in Canillothis is the combination of impetuosity, steel nerves, the state of absolute stability of two wheels and the integral smell of petroleum. For the first time in history this cocktail emerged when Gottlieb Daimler invented the first motorcycle. Look for details here

3. National Automobile Museum in Encampthis is a four-store show-room that exhibits a huge collection of automobiles: from one of the first models with steam engine, made in 1885, through vintage cars up to the contemporary automobiles of the XX century. The oldest cars welcome the museum visitors at the entrance, impressing them with huge sizes and unusual designs. The collection of Andorran museum is considered to be one of the largest in Southern Europe. It consists of 80 automobiles, including race cars, about 60 motorcycles and a hundred of bikes of different models and sizes.

Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9.30-13.30 and 15.00-18.00. Sunday and Monday are days-off. The excursions with a guide require preliminary booking. There are some advertising activities for the students within the bounds of family visits.

Address: Av. De Joan Marti, 64, AD200, Encamp

Tel.: (+376) 839 760

The cost of the ticket is 5 euro. Students and retired people have 50% discount. Children under 10 years old—free.

4. Electricity Museum, MW—it is located in the building of Andorran energetic company FEDA and offers its visitors a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the nature and history of electricity, it visualizes the production of hydra power and the evolution of Andorran energy history development. The museum applies interactive regime, demonstrating its visitors specially equipped show-pieces that will help to understand the characteristics of electricity within the terms of complete security.

The cost of the ticket is 3 euro, retired people, students and groups (more than 10 persons) have 50% discount.

Working hours: Thursday-Saturday 9.30-13.30 and 15.00-18.30, Sunday and holidays 10.00-14.00. Monday is a day off. The last visitors are allowed to enter the museum 1.30 before it is closed.

The program of the museum contains entertaining events and educational seminars for pupils.

A part of excursion takes place at the Engolasters lake: there is a dam and the visitors can get inside. Next to that one may find a generator that previously used to transfer water into electric power (now the station doesn’t function any more). And all that is in a pine wood, 1600 meters above the sea level!

One may take this excursion separately from the visit to the FEDA museum.

The cost of ticket is 3 euro. Children and youngsters under 19—free. April-June and September-October: group tours at 11.00 and 15.00

July: Saturday tours at 10.00, 12.00, 15.00 and 17.00; Sunday tours at 10.00, 12.00 and 15.00

August: daily tours from Thursday till Sunday at 10.00, 12.00, 15.00 and 17.00

Morning group excursions on Thursdays and Fridays

Address: Av. De la Bartra, s/n, AD200, Encamp

Tel.: (+376) 739 111

The cost of the ticket is 5 euro. Students and retired people have 50% discount. Children under 10 years old—free.

All Pyrenees: the museum is temporarily closed!

5. La Cortinada Museum of Nature – is located in Casa Mascover house in the cognominal village. The interactive elements of the museum allow performing experiments with different types of rock formations, listening to the sounds of nature and feeling its aromas. The show-pieces of the museum give a complete understanding of the Pyrenees mineral composition and the peculiarities of Andorran natural landscape. Look for details here

6. Miniatures Museum in Ordino gives its visitors a unique chance to see a golden caravan of camels no bigger than a turtle’s eye. And not only that! The museum contains a unique collection of show-pieces that can be seen only in the microscope. All exhibited items are hand-made of precious metals, paper, seeds and rice. A famous Ukrainian craftsman and acknowledged miniature maker Nikolay Syadristiy is one of the most famous collection of miniature art pieces.

The cost of the ticket is 4 euro, groups (from 15 person) and children under 6 years-old—3.5 euro.

Working hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00-19.00, Sunday—9.30-13.30

Address: Edifici Maragda, AD300, Ordino

Tel.: (+376) 838 338

7. Tobacco Museum in San Julia de Loria is located in the building that symbolizes Andorran architecture of the XX century. Previously, from 1909 to 1957 there had been tobacco factory in here. This was the period when the collection and recycling of tobacco was the major activity of Andorran population. Look for details here

8. Perfume Museum in Escaldes-Engordany that was created in avant-garde style and is located on the ground floor of perfume and cosmetics company Julia. The museum is equipped with contemporary audio and video systems that allow discovering and investigating the mysterious world of fragrances. Interactive excursion presupposes the participation in the creation of fragrances from the plants, selected by a visitor, as well as the acquaintance with the history of perfume industry from the moment of its launch till the current moment. Look for details here

9. Escaldes-Engordany Arts Centre, CAEE is located in a historical building in the center of Andorra, that was built by the monks of Monserrat monastery under the guide of Catalan architect Celesti Gusi in the period from 1932 to 1934. Previously, the building was as a part of Valira Hotel, later on it was used as a part of Comu Escaldes school, then it was turned into Valira cinema—the first cinema in Andorra. Look for details here

10. Water Museum (Laigua i el Madriu Interpretation Centre, CIAM)—it gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the water resources of the Valira mountain river and Madriu valley—two major showplaces (Madriu valley has been assumed to be the monument of the UNESCO cultural heritage. Look for details here

11. Postal Museum is the first acquaintance with the history of first long-distance communications. The museum is located in the restored Borda del Rosa building. The guided tour with audio and visual elements will tell the visitors about the way the post used to work in the most ancient times and what is a contemporary post office. Here one may see a rich collection of stamps (more than 50 000 were collected from 1928) and to get to knoew the history of their origin. Look for details here

12. La Massana Comic Museum demonstrates its visitors bright art of famous comic authors. It is possible to attend permanent exhibition of such famous artists as Antonio Bernal, Alfonso Font, Philippe Xavier. Every Thursday from 18.30 till 20.30 the museum organizes workshops, aimed at the visitors, older than 12 years. The participants may get acquainted with the techniques and try themselves in the roles of artists.

The entrance is free.

Monday-Friday 16.00-19.00

Address: Placa de les Fontetes, s/n-AD400, La Massana

Tel.: (+376) 736 900

13. La Margineda archeological site in Andorra la Vella is a unique place in Andorra, that demonstrates its visitors historical heritage of this small country in the Pyrenees. In the result of archeological excavations, manifold items that can be attributed to the Medieval era were found. This helped the scientists to make several discoveries that made to review the pillar aspects of Andorran historical development. The total area makes up 4000 m2. More than 1/3 of the territory is still excavated up to now.

Working hours:

From July till August: daily 10.00-14.00 and 16.00—20.00

Address: Cami de Malru Santa Coloma, Andorra la Vella

Tel.: (+376) 805 950

The cost of the ticket is 5 euro. People, older than 65—3 euro. Children under 12—free.

14. Romanesque Andorra Interpretation Centre—by means of visual interpretations the Center opens its visitors new horizons in discovering and learning the evolution of Andorran churches architectural style. A huge screen demonstrates ancient arch with the elements of mural paintings of Sant Esteve Church ( XII century), built in Andorra la Vella, сolorful wooden altar of Sant Roma de Vila Church (XIII century) and the wreath of Sant Serni de Nagol church (XIII century).

The center is open for individual visits, excursions require preliminary bookings. There are educational programs for children in the schedule.

Working hours:

June-September: Tuesday-Saturday 9.30-13.30 and 15.00-18.30

Sunday and holidays 10.00-14.00

Days off: Monday, Camu Pal celebration day (June 24), Camu la Massana celebration day (July 9)

The entrance is free

Adress: C/de Sant Climent, Era I Ereta Torres Pal, AD400, La Massana

Tel.: (+376) 839 760

15. Casa Rull House Museum – is one of the most interesting places for those who are interested in the history of Andorran settlers of the end of IX—the beginning of XX centuries. The house, where the museum is functioning today, was built in the XVII century and presents a classical example of the average family of Andorran farmers. The house has got three floors and the attic that was reconstructed after the fire in the XIX century. Look for details here

16. Cal Pal Mill and Timber works—are the evident samples of prototype devices, used in Andorra in previous centuries. Both mechanisms were built in the end of XVI—the beginning of XVII centuries and were used up to 1960. Then they were restored and reopened on July 21, 1996.

The cost of the ticket is 3 euro.

Working hours:

Guided excursions in Summer from July 5 till September 6 from the touristic office in Ordino.

Adress: Crta. General, 3, La Cortinada, AD400, Ordino

Tel.: (+376) 878 173

17. Casa D’Areny-Plandolit House Museum is an example of noble manor that belonged to one family for many years. The manor was built in the XVII century and added on in the XIX. The well-being of the family is demonstrated by a large number of rooms, including hall, wine-vaults as well as by the interior decoration items and a huge collection of books.

Working hours: Saturday 9.30-13.30 and 15.00-18.30, Sunday: 10.00-14.00, Monday is a day-off.

The cost is 3 euro.

Address: Placeta de Santa Eulialia, AD200, Encamp

Tel.: (+376) 833 551

18. Baroness Carmen Thyssen museum. On 16th March 2017 a new museum of arts by Baroness Thyssen opened in Andorra, Escaldes- Engordany. In total, the collection contains 26 paintings. The exhibition opens with paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Paul Signac,  Henry le Sidaner; as well as by American Impressionists John Henry Twachtman, Theodore Robinson and Maurice Prendergast. The exhibition continues with a fine selection of paintings by Catalan modernists – Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, Ramon Casas, Eliseu Meifrèn and Joaquin Mir Trinxet. Look for details here 

Andorran Art Galleries

1. Govern Gallery

Address : C/Bonavertura Riberaygua, 5, AD599 Andorra la Vella, tel.: (+376) 828 704;

2. Pilar Reberaygua Art Gallery

Address: Carrer de la Vall, 12, PB, AD500 Andorra la Velaa, tel.: (+376) 829 329

3. La Llacuna Cultural Centre Gallery

Address: C/Mossen Cinto Verdaguer, 4, AD500, Andorra la Vella, tel.: (+376) 874 960

4. La Ma de la Mar

Adress: C/Princep Benloch, 11, AD500, Andorra la Vella, tel.: (+376)861 080

5. Art al Set Galeria

Adress: C/Gill Torres, 3, Santa Coloma, AD500, Andorra la Vella, tel.: (+376)868 355

6. Design Gallery

Adress: C/de la Vall, 24, AD500, Andorra la Vella, tel.: (+376) 863 753

7. Lauredia Cultural and Conference Centre Gallery

Address: Placa de la Germandat, s/n, AD600, Sant Julia de Loria, tel.: (+376)744 044

8. Escaldes-Engordany Arts Centre (CAEE)

Address: Av. Carlemany, 30, AD700, Escaldes-Engordany, tel.: (+376) 802 255

9. Taller Espai 29 Art Gallery

Adress: C/Gill Torres, AD500, Andorra la Vella, tel.: (+376) 802 255

10. Tobacco Museum

Address: Carrer Doctor Palau, 17, AD600, Sant Julia de Loria, tel.: (+376) 741 545

11. Comic Museum

Address: Placa de les Fontanes s/n, AD400, la Massana, tel.: (+376)736 900 (ext.2)

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