On 1-5th July, 2015 Andorra welcomes rally of vintage motorcycles

On July 1-5, 2015 Andorra will welcome motor rally of vintage bikes that will take place within the bounds of two-week global tour. The host of venue is International Federation of Vintage Automobiles (FIVA). The rally will be participated by 150 bicycles older than 30 years but still on-the-fly. The showpieces will be presented by museums and private collections from all over the world. The category of transport means as well as their peculiarities and the unique character of a model will obligatory be taken into consideration.

Nevertheless, many collectors’ models won’t manage to participate in the event and will wait for the visitors at National Automobile Museum of Andorra. Besides, Andorra has got its own museum of motorcycles, where the visitors may find more than 60 models of retro and contemporary bicycles.

The President of Vintage Cars Association of Andorra (AAVA) Dejuan Luice is sure that this event will attract additional amount of tourists. In accordance to his words, the organization of such event on the territory of Andorra is an “old dream” – four years ago the initiative was announced in the presence of FIVA members and after four years it was backed up. AAVA is also ready to prepare a more large-scale event that might be attended by all FIVA members. But this will become possible only after the airport at the border with Andorra will start functioning for regular flights. In accordance to the governmental plans this should happen by the end of 2014.

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