The Government of Andorra launched a campaign “You are important” to improve the well-being and quality of life of the elderly

Minister of Justice, Social and Internal Affairs of Andorra Xavier Espot and State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment Ester Fenoll presented a campaign plan based on recommendations of international organizations.

The main issue of the campaign – specific actions to promote intergenerational ties, as well as between the elderly themselves, to support and consult families to prevent the isolation of older persons. In particular, a program of guardianship of the elderly will be launched while their family is on holidays outside Andorra.

A free delivery service for elderly people is also established.

It is also planned to improve the quality of the homes for the elderly.

One of the main topics of the program is also the provision of compensation to families where elderly people live.

The minimum pension will correspond to the minimum wage in the principality – 991.47 euros.

All persons who receive a pension will have 100% benefits for the provision of medical services.

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