First festival of students took place on 17th March at the University of Andorra

First festival of students took place on 17th March at the University of Andorra. According to the rector of the University Miquel Nicolau, it was decided to hold a celebration each year for the purpose of uniting and consolidating the students and staff of the University. The event was held with the participation of everyone.

The festival program included a session of magic and mathematics, master class Zumba, as well as the demonstration of various flight drones and possibilities of aerofilming and photography.

Drones research is part of the activities of the working group on innovation at the University of Andorra. The purpose of the working group is exploring new technologies and their application. The University of Andorra is part of the global scientific community engaged in the improvement of software of modern devices of drones. Most of the drones presented by the students were of their own engineering based on the technology of Arduino.

The Arduino is an electronic construction kit and a convenient platform for the rapid development of electronic devices for beginners and professionals. This platform enjoys huge popularity worldwide because of the convenience and simplicity of a programming language, open architecture and software codes. The device is programmed via USB without the use of programmers.

The Arduino kit allows the computer to go beyond the physical to the virtual world and interact with it. Arduino-based devices can obtain information about the environment through various sensors and can control various executive devices.


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