First electric bike rental facility has opened today in Andorra

Cicland, a public electric bike rental service, has held today a presentation of the project, with the participation of the head of the Andorran government, Antoni Marti, members of the government and other responsible persons. On the same day first electric bike rental facility was opened in Escaldes.

In total, the project will involve fifty bicycles, which can be used by Andorran residents and tourists.

In Andorra, there will be 15 stations distributed between the seven administrations of the principality.

The state funding of the project is 130,000 euros per year (the amount will be distributed between all seven administrations).

There are three tariffs: a fixed annual subscription for 76.5 euros, a subscription for 25 trips (30 euros), and a one-time fee of 0.45 euros for every 30 minutes.

Subscriptions can be purchased at any tourist office, as well as through the application for mobile phones Cicland, which will be available next week.

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