Barcelona by bicycle

Without a doubt, the bicycle is one of the most convenient means of transportation in Barcelona. The climate in Barcelona allows this type of transport to be used all year round. For fans of bicycles, Barcelona has a complete infrastructure. This includes a well-developed system of bike paths and optimally planned bike tourist routes available …

Transport, aviation and fighting vehicles by Andrew Pantele

The French Velocar by Mochet et Cie of Puteaux

Velocar was the name given to velomobiles made in the 1930s and 1940s by Mochet et Cie of Puteaux, France and colloquially to the company’s recumbent bicycles.

Charles Mochet was the inventive maker of lightweight powered cyclecars (Le P’tit Auto) and pedal-powered cars (quadricycles), mainly two-seaters, built on a tubular-steel chassis with bicycle-sized wheels, variable gears, …