Snow chains: Andorra tightens regulations to the usage of special equipment for cars in winter time

grip-tyresThe Government of Andorra discusses the legislation in the sphere of increasing the fine for car owners, registered in Andorra (Pyrenees), that haven’t got special equipment (snow chains) for winter time. It is presupposed that the legislation will come into effect this winter.

It is referred to the period from November,1 till May,15 when it may snow in Andorra. However the car owners that use snow tires without chains will be assessed for 60 euro, the car owners with “summer tires” without chains will get a ticket for 180 euro. Consequently, the set of 4 chains in the trunk of a car (even with summer tires) assures the remission of fine. This rule will also touch upon the owners of 4×4 cars. It should be mentioned that the usage of tires with studs is prohibited in Andorra.

The majority of experts considers that this law won’t solve the problems that occur on roads in winter time. The overwhelming majority of the cars, registered in Andorra, correspond to the given rules. But this tightening of the regulations will not concern the car owners, visiting Andorra as tourists and registered in other states. But the absence of special equipment at these same cars causes traffic jams at the roads of Andorra in winter time.

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