City estate of E. I. Vandyshnikova – E. M. Banza

The city estate of E. I. Vandyshnikova – E. M. Banza is an architectural ensemble in Moscow on Vorontsovo Pole Street. The name is given in honor of the principal owners. In the 18th century, it belonged to Elizaveta Ivanovna from the family of merchants Vandyshnikovs. In 1892, Emma Maksimovna Vogau inherited the estate in marriage – Banza.

The estate complex consists of the main mansion at number 3 on Vorontsovo Pole Street, outbuildings, a fence and a park sculpture. The main mansion was built based on stone chambers of the 18th century. The rest of the buildings were completed at different times. The modern appearance of the estate was formed in the 19th century due to numerous reconstructions under the guidance of outstanding architects of the 19th century – Sergei Voskresensky, Viktor Kossov, Arthur Karst and others.

Address: Vorontsovo Pole, 3, building 1, Moscow

Nearest metro: Chkalovskaya, Kurskaya, Kitay-gorod.

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