The Automobile Museum, Bratislav Petkovic Collection, Belgrade

The Automobile Museum, Bratislav Petkovic (Братислав Петковић) Collection, is the newest in a series of technical museums in Belgrade (Serbia). The Museum was founded by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and Bratislav Petkovic, the collector and owner of a collection comprising historically valuable cars and archive material on the domestic history of motoring.

The Museum’s premises are situated in the Modern Garage, a characteristic monument of the technical culture of its age, declared itself a cultural asset.

The building, designed by the Russian arhitect Valerij Staševski, was built in the city centre in 1929 as the first public garage.

It housed the automobiles of the participants in the first international car and motorcycle race ever held in Belgrade, on September 3, 1939.

The founder of the museum cars Bratislav Petkovic has a collection of about 100 vehicles, half of which are located within the museum building.

The collection includes old and rare automobiles, which are particularly important for studying the development and advancement of automotive technology at home and abroad, as well as the history of motorsports in the region in the 20th century.

The oldest car is a Marot – Gardon, France, from 1897 with De Dion Bouton engine. The collection also includes the French car Charron from 1908 and the first car in the collection, Ford Model T from 1925 the first car produced in large series, on the assembly line.

The collection includes cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century, including the Mercedes C 300 – D convertible, known as the Adenauer (1955), the first luxury sports car Jaguar MK2 (1963), Cadillac Eldorado convertible (1957).

The collection also includes original and restored cars, among which are: Ford Pilot, Lancia Lambda, Citroën B10, Škoda R6, Aero 10, Aero 30, Alvis, BMW 327/328

Address: 30, Majke Jevrosime street
Phone: +381 11 3034625
Email: [email protected]

Working hours: every day from 9.30am to 8pm

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