1955 Mercedes-Benz 300C W186 Cabriolet. Red version

The Mercedes-Benz W186 Model 300 was a four-door luxury sedan produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1951 and 1957. It was the company’s flagship model at the time, succeeding the World War II era W150. Three versions were produced in succession, known informally as the 300a (or simply 300), 300b, and 300c. An enlarged “300d” variant built on the W189 chassis succeeded it in late 1957.

The four door 300 (W186) was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in April 1951 and entered series production in November 1951. It had no “a” designation, which was informally added, along with the “b” and “c”, by later enthusiasts seeking to distinguish the three W186 generations.

A total of 6,214 saloons and 591 Cabriolet Ds, retroactively referred to as the “300a” series, were produced through September, 1955, including a brief 300b run incorporating elements of the 300c’s partial facelift prior to its debut.


The 300b (W186) was introduced in March 1954, adding vacuum assisted power brakes and front door vent windows. Engine power was upped to 125 PS (92 kW; 123 hp) via different Solex carburetors and an increased compression ratio of 7.5:1.


The 300c (W186) made its debut in September, 1955, adding a larger rear window and optional 3-speed Borg-Warner automatic transmission. It was priced at $10,864 in the United States (DM 22,000 on the home market), with the convertible almost a third more at $14,231 (DM 24,700).

Made in Germany in 1955

Engine: 6 cylinders; 2996 cm³

Power: 125 hp

Maximal speed: 160 km/h

Belgrade’s museum

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