1925 Citroën B-10. Yellow & green version

1925 Citroën Type B10. Yellow & green version

The Citroën B10 is an automobile produced by Citroën at André Citroën’s factory in central Paris between 1924 and 1925. The B10 was manufactured using modern mass production technologies which were applied by Citroën and still, at this point, by no other French auto-maker; although by now, across the river Rhine, Opel were also copying the assembly line approach (and also copying one of Citroën’s models).

The Citroën B10 was in many respects similar to the manufacturer’s “B2” model. What marks it out as different is its use of an “all-steel” (“tout-acier”) body. The B10 was the first European car maker to apply the pressed steel technologies, developed by Ambi-Budd, and which during the next fifteen years would transform the economics of automobile production across Europe.

Made in France in 1925

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1300 cm³

Power: 18 hp

Maximal speed: 75 km/h

Car museum (Belgrade)

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